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The Power of the Written Goal

The Power of the Written Goal

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The roadmap to wholesome success is not easy! You need to unleash your full potential to be the best version of yourself in every walk of your life. My life has been a series of hits and trials, and after I cracked the right ways to go about it, I thought it to be only wise to share my insights with others in need. One of my key success mantras is writing down your desirable goals, and I firmly believe that starting off with some famous quotes on the same line.

You must be curious about how penning down what you want helps achieve it. Hence, I wrote this book to help you embrace the transformative power of setting written goals, so that you can embark on the never-ending journey to success. Not only will this book provide practical strategies for achieving success across all facets of life, but it will also help set the tone for personal growth and accomplishment. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your read and find it worthy enough to be recommended to others around you.

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