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Welcome to Just Ask 4 It, a site dedicated to helping you live your dreams and empowering you to ask for what you want in life. So many times, we are just a little afraid of the NO and need to be entitled to get YES. At (Just Ask For It), we are dedicated to inspiring greatness and leading you to dream big and make your dreams become your reality.

We are a Made in the USA group of Americans that believes that America's grandest days are just ahead. We believe in the freedom of religion and small government accompanying the basal human rights that all men are created equal. We believe in USA-made manufacturing, helping to build a strong economy of Happy Americans, yes we can be happy again. We believe in vacations for our family and that one must never suffer for the betterment of another country.

Most of all, we stand for the power of asking for it and learning how to get what we want with words and confident actions.

What is Just Ask 4 It?

At JA4I, we are a dedicated movement that focuses on core beliefs for a better America. We aspire to work for what it is to be the best Nation of hard work Americans we can be. Hardworking is not just hard-working. It means living a balanced life of freedom.

China is a Threat to America/Europe

We are here to help educate and share the truth about the threat, that the Chinese government poses to the country. We do this with a base of resounding experts throughout the world that deliver top-secret details and analysis about the threat of China. In our ambassador-level partnership and FREE newsletter, we will be unmasking the truth and sending out the facts of what China is trying to do to our country. We acknowledge that China wants to eliminate the United States of America and all of our freedoms.

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Just Ask 4 It

Just Ask 4 It, is devoted to helping you live your dreams by learning how to ask for what you want in life. Yes, it's just that simple fear of no, but it is what we get you around until we get you to yes. Well, you can have it all, not that simple besides we can make it. Did you individuals are more afraid of getting no rather than asking the question? Most people don't even want to tell people no because it's too uncomfortable to deliver rejection? We focus on living the American dream and living the best life you can in the greatest country in the world.

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Made in the USA (Just Ask For It) specializes in the Made in the USA movement. We are focused on making sure the United States of America has manufacturing services as Made in the USA. We believe in having a strong economy and not be relying on foreign-sourced goods. We should produce everything in the United States, from cell phones to PPE equipment. Right now, over 90% of pharmaceutical drugs are produced overseas.

In this section, we will be calling out the companies that manufacture in China. We will acknowledge and reward the manufacturers that manufacture in the United States. Manufacturing in the United States increases jobs, equals industry. It also creates self-assurance that our country is non-reliant on foreign-sourced goods.


to Get News about China as a Danger to the United States/Europe