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Welcome to JA4I, a site dedicated to helping you live your dreams and empowering you to ask for what you want in life. So many times, we are just a little afraid of the NO, and need to be empowered to get to YES. At (Just Ask For It), we are dedicated to inspiring greatness and lead you to dream big and make your dreams become your reality.

We are a Made in the USA group of Americans that believes that America’s greatest days are just ahead. We believe in the freedom of religion and small government along with the basic human rights that all men are created Equal. We believe in USA made manufacturing and we believe in helping to build a strong economy of Happy Americans, yes we can be happy again. We believe in vacations for our family and we believe that you should never suffer for the betterment of another country.

Most of all we stand for the power of asking for it and learning how to get what you want with words and confident actions.